Brasc Coffee Importers

In the summer of 2008, BRASC was formed from a passion for Brazilian coffees. Despite the popularity of Brazilian coffees worldwide, a consistent source of the finest Brazilian coffees has not been easily accessible. So, BRASC began its quest to put the best Brazilian coffees into the hands of roasters—no exceptions.
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The BRASC Mission

Our Mission at BRASC Coffee Importers is to initiate and nurture mutually beneficial relationships between our growers, ourselves, and our customers in providing the finest in quality products and services with integrity and a keen sense of protecting the environment, both at home and abroad.


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Ricardo Pereira, Founder & President

Ricardo Pereira has 6 years of combined purchasing experience with three separate manufacturing industries. This experience has allowed him to deal in the regular basis with companies in Europe and South America.

Born and raised in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil, Ricardo has firsthand knowledge not only of the area but also of the Brazilian business culture and working experience with Brazilian companies. Fluency in both Portuguese and Spanish gives him an edge when negotiating with his partners in Brazil and in Spanish speaking countries. Ricardo is also a Licensed "Q" Grader by the internationally respected Coffee Quality Institute.

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